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Colombia and Santiago de Chile through my lense

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we spent a super fun week in Copenhagen this July. love Scandiavia and its people. who says it get cold there?

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THE day

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yesterday one of my acquaintances shared a lot of her wedding details with me over a period of two hours we spent together. understandable, she got married a week ago and you can still feel the wedding buzz surrounding her. i guess that’s why i remembered today about a couple of photos i accidentally took a few months ago in milan. it was a rainy day, not the kind you would picture yourself getting married on. but this guys seemed not to care. of course it was their wedding day and they came all the way to milan to do it. i guess the weather is a great topic when you need something to bitch about. but when life is good, weather is good.

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winter in NYC

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 its been my wish to see this so talked about place for a long time. the myth of NYC is almost an urban legend. there are some unwritten facts about it, that everyone seems to know. you almost expect that something really extraordinary will happen when you will set foot in it. i guess everyone expects something different – sex in the city freaks already see themselves having lunch with carry while wearing a pair of manolo blahnik’s. artistic souls thrive to meet the right person in some small gallery in soho that would open the door to a completely another dimension of bohemian living. or maybe you just expect to fall in love with NYC so much that you just don’t want to leave. something close to this happend to me, at least i didn’t want to leave so soon and i want to come back. the vibe, the people, the food, the great variety of everything and anything is just too good to not indulge in more frequently.

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we come to this world to discover and to be discovered

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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Mark Twain

i started to travel relatively late in my life, but yearned to do it since i can remember. i was watching travel channel, all the globe trekker shows and just getting butterflies in my stomach while imagining it was me discovering all the great parts of our planet. i am still at the very beginning, i want to travel with a nice, slow pace, taking in all that experience of travel can give me. i just love to sit in a quiet corner and observing the world go by. feeling the new environment i am in.

some of my photos from my recent trip to Chile , maybe you get an idea where to go next..

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