Obey Giant – taking propaganda to the next level

Obey Giant is a street art campaign based on a design by Shepard Fairey. at the beginning stickers were distributed by the skater community and were slowly emerging all over the U.S.A.

Shepard’s campaign can be seen as an experiment in Phenomenology, which aim is to reawaken a sense of wonder about one’s environment. with the campaing he wanted to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question, provoke thought and possible frustration – what is going on?

’till now the artwork has been reused in many variations and has become world known, following in the footsteps of World War II icon “Kilroy Was Here”.

Everyone knows Shepard from the 2008 U.S. presidential election for which he created  Barack Obama “HOPE” poster. i hope, there is hope…

expo-shepard-fairey   shepard-fairey-say-yes


One Response to “Obey Giant – taking propaganda to the next level”

  1. i’m so glad that you describe his work primarily as a campaign. because i do not find it the type of art worthy of reflection or starring at for 5 minutes at one poster, as people do at the museum in boston.

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