we spent a super fun week in Copenhagen this July. love Scandiavia and its people. who says it get cold there?

cp2   c1   cp6   cp7   cp8


5 Responses to “Copenhagen”

  1. gorgeous photos. is the last one from christiana?

  2. nope, its from Louisiana – museum of modern art. it has gorgeous open air exhibitions in close proximity to the sea.

  3. therickardnilsson Says:

    Copenhagen is truely a wonderful town. Now when I partially live in Malmö (otherwise Gothenburg) I go there a lot:) Nice blog:) (I fallowed your link on Blip:) I’ll be checking in again:)

  4. Nice that you all enjoy “my” town. Love Louisiana as well, cool exhibit on green architecture and planning at the moment and a really cool Olafur Eliasson installation there now amongst others.
    Nice blog you have here, I also followed the link from blip, nice music selection to.

    • yeah, i really loved CPH, i want to come back soon and visit the rest of the country. is the Olafur Eliasson installation a part of the THE WORLD IS YOURS art show? i would love to see that. thank you for the comment and stop by again 🙂

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