Rengim Mutevellioglu

Rengim was born in 1991 in Moscow, Russia. so, that means she is now 18 years old and she has been a photographer since she was 11 years old. and her work is full of emotions. its no way you can stay just an observer, the images suck you in and your mind starts to wander… and her life path… mistery…but as far as i know, what she has written on her flickr account is her real life story:

”Hello my name’s Rengim and I’m an alcoholic. 18 years ago I was found in a dumpster in Moscow but am turkish by anything. Five years ago I found a camera in a dumpster in New York and have been photographing since.
The previous informations were pure lies. Shoot me I’m straight.
A georgian gypsy read my palm and told me I will be big someday and that I will have great success.

…i have no doubt in gyspy palm readers.

844601234202729    ennil-4976f03273e6   rengim_mutevellioglu_01


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