Tony Duran

Tony Duran has shot virtually everyone who means anything in show business and his images can be found on countless magazines, album covers, campaigns and editorials. he is known for his ability to deliver beautiful sensual photography without vulgarity. there is something enchanting in the way Duran captures the images through his lens, can’t really explain it. and when i can’t explain it, i know i have something good in front of me.

 6a00e54ef964538834011279460b2c28a4-800wi   td6   Cindy_Crawford_by_Tony_Duran_07


4 Responses to “Tony Duran”

  1. i’m going to disagree with you on this one. the emotion and body language in his photos are very ersatz for me

  2. hmm, i will contemplate on that 🙂
    i just got the idea – i have to write one ‘article’ about you. 🙂

  3. i think “constipated” is the word i was reaching for. yes. like david lachapelle but featuring constipated expressions, like hercules or achilles or odysseus in the loo. 😀

    • haha. i have to use wikipedia to totally get your replies 🙂 and thanks for david lachapelle, i didn’t know him.

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