Roy Lichtenstein – once you ‘pop’, you can’t stop

when you mention Pop art, everyone automatically thinks of Andy Warhol. but there is an extensive number of artists that contributed to the movement of Pop art and who’s work we have seen many times, just didn’t know to who it refers to.

Roy F. Lichtenstein is one of those artists that general public usually doesn’t know, but when you show someone his most famous works, almost everyone is familiar with the image. Lichtenstein was an American pop artist, who’s work was in great extend influenced by popular advertising and the comic book style.

 In 1961 Lichtenstein produced his first Pop paintings using cartoon images and techniques derived from the appearance of commercial printing. This phase was known for its use of advertising imagery suggesting consumerism and homemaking in the art he was producing. 

in his world wide recognized works Lichtenstein used oil and magna paint – featuring thick outlines, bold colors and benday dots to represent certain colors. his most popular works include  Drowning girl and Whaam!.

Roy-Lichtenstein-Drowning-Girl-6926   Whaam!1963


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