we come to this world to discover and to be discovered

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Mark Twain

i started to travel relatively late in my life, but yearned to do it since i can remember. i was watching travel channel, all the globe trekker shows and just getting butterflies in my stomach while imagining it was me discovering all the great parts of our planet. i am still at the very beginning, i want to travel with a nice, slow pace, taking in all that experience of travel can give me. i just love to sit in a quiet corner and observing the world go by. feeling the new environment i am in.

some of my photos from my recent trip to Chile , maybe you get an idea where to go next..

2370_1095409618194_1015189163_309172_9761_n 2370_1095410818224_1015189163_309200_7431_n 2370_1095411058230_1015189163_309206_9258_n n1015189163_309195_5966 n1015189163_309112_5981 n1015189163_309155_1803 n1015189163_309188_4048


2 Responses to “we come to this world to discover and to be discovered”

  1. wonderful photos! i love the aesthetic, especially the camera obscura one. i think goldfrapp’s felt mountain album would pair well with these images.

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