There is a Terry in all of us

a few months ago my friend took me to a small hidden book store. that was the first time i held a huge book with  Terry Richardson‘s photographs in my hands. i fell so into it that my friend bought it and then gave it to me for a Christmas present. we joked that i can used instead of a coffee table and scare my guests away. only the ones that can’t handle terry. he is honest, he is direct, he is provocative. whats not to like?

despite being on the edge of accepted good taste at all times, Terry shot advertisements for THE names in fashion industry including Gucci, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, etc. i still remember when i saw his catalogue for Sisley for the first time. i was like 18 years old. it was something totaly different from what i had seen before; there were young girls drinking milk from cows udder, riding pigs, wearing nothing but small panties and little t-shirts. i kept that catalogue for years.

Richardson also shot editorial photographs for Vogue. Sports Illustrated, Penthouse (of course), Harper’s bazaar etc.

so, if you want to give some special multifunctional gift to someone (just make sure he or she can handle it) – a collection of his work in the book ‘Welcome to Terryworld’ can be just what you are looking for. I sent a copy  to my friend in Warsaw. total success.

terry-richardson-women-kissing-red-lips    sisley


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