Gilbert&George – coolest grandfathers ever

Gilbert and George are probably the most famous duo in modern visual art history.  Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore also appear in much of their art in their highly formal suits and with impeccable manner.

The most famous are their large scale pictures, for example Cosmological Pictures, known for extremely brightly coloured, backlit, and overlaid with black grids. Gilbert&George are often the main motive in the pictures surrounded by flowers, youths, their friends, and echoes of Christian symbolism.

their early work is strictly in black&white colors, which later on got some red and yellow touches. later they started to use a range of bold colors.
but not of their work is about flowers, the most media attention attracted the pictures that include nudity, depictions of sexual acts and bodily fluids. but of course!

1982-NAKED--LOVE gilbert-george-winter-flowers.JPG


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