Antony Hegarty – my music muse

i don’t know why, but this man evokes in me so many feelings, emotions, thoughts, .. can’t even describe all, even less explain. when i first heard his voice in Hope there’s someone i was blown away.  when i saw him live from a 4 meter distance i was in a trance. he has such an amazing presence. make sure to check the web site of Antony & the Johnsons.

and yes, i think i know why he fascinates me so much – because he is just so pure. in everything he does, in everything he portraits, its pureness. a true gem these days.

Listen: Cripple and the starfish



One Response to “Antony Hegarty – my music muse”

  1. Dear lovely Inge08,
    i could not describe his art better than you did. What i feel about his music is in your sentences… i couldn’t agree more!

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